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The intention of the WHY Outreach scholarship program is to provide tuition support for yoga teachers looking to expand their skills and share yoga with underserved populations. Underserved populations include but are not limited to, elderly persons; at-risk children and teens; veterans; individuals suffering from addiction, depression, and eating disorders; incarcerated persons; and individuals living with certain medical conditions such as cancer and HIV/AIDS.
Scholarships are available to cover program tuition costs only and awards generally range between 20%-50% of the tuition. Full scholarships are not available as funds are limited. All scholarships are awarded in exchange for donating hours teaching yoga to underserved populations through WHY Outreach. If you are awarded a scholarship, further details about the teaching requirement will be made available. Details about the application submission process and submission deadlines are included in the application available for download (PDF version, docx version).
If you have questions about the scholarship program, please contact us via email
Share the power, the joy &
the benefits of yoga.


Join our effort.

The intention of our scholarship program is to help provide qualified yoga teachers with additional tools to educate, empower, and elevate lives. With your commitment, we can continue to offer classes in prisons, schools, shelters, clinics, and within any community in need of the benefits of yoga.


We focus on three criteria when awarding scholarships:

- Financial need

- Cost of the training program

- Instructor suitability

Please note that all applicants are required to pay a $15 application fee.


Scholarship Application 

PDF version

DOCX version

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