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WHY Outreach, Inc. was established to bring the physical, spiritual, and therapeutic benefits of yoga to all communities regardless of geographic, financial, social, or other barriers. We are grateful that you are willing to make a difference through a tax deductible donation.
Suggested giving levels include:
$25 can buy a yoga mat to be used in free community classes
$50 can sponsor a class for up to 8 elderly residents
$75 can allow a cancer patient to get a healing massage
$150 can help create a yoga program at a homeless shelter
$250 can inspire an at-risk teen with a 3-month membership
$500 can empower a veteran with a 6-month membership
If you would like to make a donation as a gift in another person’s honor, please email us so that we can provide you with a gift donation receipt. Donations can be made quickly and securely through PayPal:
You can also mail a check to:
WHY Outreach, Inc.
23 Brook Street
West Hartford, CT 06110
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"The Sisters of St. Joseph are a lively group of retired nuns who live and serve in the Park Road neighborhood of West Hartford. Their spiritual life is vibrant and their work teaching ESL keeps them quite busy. They have spent their lives practicing service and devotion, purity, non-violence, non-greed. 


They were already yogis when I arrived, just in need of some therapeutic yoga. We developed a chair-yoga practice—focused on breath and movement—that also includes singing and finishes with Christian prayer.


I am grateful to work with such inspiring, uplifting women, and they are forever giving thanks for WHY Outreach for making our time together possible."


~Karen, WOI instructor


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