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The mission of WHY Outreach is to bring the physical, spiritual, and therapeutic benefits of yoga, meditation, and holistic healing modalities to all communities regardless of geographic, financial, social, or other barriers. The idea for WHY Outreach was born from the several community outreach programs developed by West Hartford Yoga (WHY). These programs connected teachers directly to people who might not have had access to yoga, but who were finally able to experience the healing, empowerment, and joy that yoga brought to their lives. In light of the success of these programs and continued need in the community, WHY developed a separate, non-profit organization focusing exclusively on community outreach. In order to fulfill its mission, WHY Outreach brings together qualified instructors and holistic practitioners with groups and venues in need.  
Low Cost and Free Community Classes. We match qualified yoga instructors and healing practitioners with community venues to bring the benefits of yoga to those in need. We can also integrate our qualified teachers into an already existing program. If your organization is interested in offering yoga classes to your community, email us

Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships. We provide yoga teacher training scholarships to qualified individuals who demonstrate financial need along with a commitment to teaching yoga to underserved populations. This allows our teachers to either begin their journey or broaden their education by attending quality teacher trainings and workshops. As a result, we are able to grow our outreach programs and expand deeper into communities. For more information on our scholarships please click here
You can make a difference.
Donate + support our mission.


What can your tax deductible contribution do for others? 

As an example, a $25 donation can buy a yoga mat to be used in free community classes; a $75 donation can allow a cancer patient to get a healing massage; and a $250 donation can inspire an at-risk teen with 3 months of yoga at a yoga center somewhere close to home. Help us bring yoga, meditation, and healing to the elderly, the impoverished, at-risk teens, people in shelters and prisons, those suffering from addiction, those who are mentally and physically ill, and many others.   

You can give quickly and securely through PayPal. We are grateful for your gift.

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